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Kriptos en Israeli TV

Kriptos en Israeli TV

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Kriptos nos ha ayudado a mejorar en un 150% nuestro proceso de auditoría y riesgos de información. Han mejorado mi perpectiva de la información.

Abbie Padilla
Banco Pichincha

Nuestra certificación de seguridad ha mejorado gracias a la oportuna implementación de Kritpos en nuestro día a día.

Jesús Marcano
Head of Security

Kriptos nos ha ayudado a mejorar en un 150% nuestro proceso de auditoría y riesgos de información. Han mejorado mi perpectiva de la información.

Abbie Padilla
Kriptos Team
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Frequents Questions

Does Kriptos determine a document as confidential based on a word or regular expression?

Kriptos classifies documents automatically through Artificial Intelligence (AI); its algorithms analyze and detect more than 1000 variables and characteristics per document to determine its sensitivity level (Confidential, Restricted, Internal Use, Public).

How does Kriptos understand the content and format of my company documents?

We train our Artificial Intelligence algorithms for each client to improve accuracy and adapt to each company's formats.

What kind of files does Kriptos classify?

Kriptos classifies unstructured Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Slides, Sheets, and Docs.

Does Kriptos classify structured information (databases)?

Currently, Kriptos only classifies unstructured information (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF, others) on computers, servers, and the cloud. The most significant risk that a company faces in terms of security and control is the neglect of this type's information.

Is Kriptos compatible with cybersecurity tools such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

Yes, the Kriptos tag is compatible with any cybersecurity tool with the ability to read DLP or CASB type metadata.

On what platforms can Kriptos be used?

Local disks (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 OS)
File Server (Windows Server 2012 onwards)
Cloud (Google Drive, Shared Drives, One Drive, Sharepoint).

Do we need some infrastructure to be able to run Kriptos?

Kriptos is a cloud-based solution. That is, it does not require infrastructure or a dedicated server. Being a SaaS service, Kriptos services are hosted on our cloud infrastructure without investing in new infrastructure locally.

Is my information stored in your infrastructure to be classified?

No, for security and privacy policy, we do not store the documents' content to be classified by our technology. Our architecture has been designed with the highest security standards for the proper compliance and management of your information.

What kind of reporting does Kriptos deliver?

The Kriptos Web Platform provides access to reports that allow evidence: risk users, risk areas, information obsolescence, document distribution, ROI, probability of information leakage, and much more. The Kriptos Web Console allows clients to make decisions regarding their cybersecurity strategy to strengthen it.

How does Kriptos train his Artificial Intelligence?

Kriptos trains its algorithms through a process that takes 3-4 weeks in which we run three parallel exercises designed to customize its intelligence to suit each client.

How do you keep the classification up to date on edited files?

Kriptos detects new or edited documents during classification times and classifies them according to their content.

Can I submit a Kriptos Agent Installation job in bulk?

Yes, the Kriptos installer can be sent through a Software Installation task of any mass deployment tool such as, for example, Antivirus Administration Consoles that have this possibility, from GPO (Group Policy) through Active Directory (Active Directory). To carry out a massive deployment of the Kriptos Agent, all Windows workstations must be connected to the same network or, failing that, through a secure VPN connection.

Are the Kriptos classification levels adaptable to my own internal information classification policy?

Yes, currently, Kriptos can adapt its classification levels to 4, 3, and 2 levels of sensitivity with any type of name or particular denomination that the client has established in its information classification policy.

Can Kriptos analyze information with credit cards or personal data?

Yes, Kriptos handles three types of algorithms. The first analyzes the level of sensitivity in the document's content, the second data with credit cards, and the third personal data to facilitate the protection and compliance with regulations such as PCI, GDPR, or Similar.

¿Puede Kriptos analizar información con tarjetas de crédito o datos personales?

Sí, Kriptos maneja 3 tipos de algoritmos, el primero que analiza nivel de sensibilidad en el contenido del documento, el segundo datos con tarjetas de crédito y el tercero datos personales con el afán de facilitar la protección y cumplimiento de normativas como PCI, GDPR o similares.

¿Son los niveles de clasificación de Kriptos adaptables a mi propia política de clasificación de información interna?

Sí, actualmente Kriptos puede adaptar sus niveles de clasificación a 4, 3 y 2 niveles de sensibilidad con cualquier tipo de nombre o denominación particular que tenga establecido el cliente en su política de clasificación de información.

¿Puedo enviar una tarea de Instalación del Agente Kriptos de forma masiva?

Sí, el instalador Kriptos puede ser enviado a través de una tarea de Instalación de Software de cualquier herramienta de despliegue masivo como, por ejemplo, Consolas de Administración Antivirus que cuenten con esta posibilidad, desde GPO (Directiva de Grupo) a través del Directorio Activo (Active Directory). Para realizar un despliegue masivo del Agente Kriptos, todas las estaciones de trabajo Windows deben estar conectados en la misma red o en su defecto a través de una conexión VPN segura.

¿Cómo mantiene actualizada la clasificación en archivos editados?

Kriptos detecta documentos nuevos o editados durante los horarios de clasificación y los clasifica según su contenido.