The classification of computer assets: A.I. vs. Human Factor

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Have you thought about the information that you handle and make flow daily? Personal data, bank information, file, short, medium, and long term plans; the constant modification and growth, who has access, distribution through different channels: email accounts, editing software, WhatsApp or applications to optimize the workload.

Indeed, there are protected documents that contain sensitive information and others that do not, but do you have a classification system? As a company, an inventory of computer assets is essential, that is, knowing the amount and content of the information you work with.

Classifying is a necessity, and today, there are different ways to accomplish this task. First, the Consultancies, referring to third parties that, with precision but in several years, could classify 10% of the total information that you keep; Second, manual sorting technologies with inefficient and slow results; Third, the Regular Expressions method, capable of classifying 30% of the total information, but which implies establishing search filters to predict the content or the criteria under which you want to organize your data.

There is a more effective solution: Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which, through a 100% automated process, your company's information is analyzed, classified, and identified with great precision in weeks.

It values ​​the relevance of having alternatives that do not require human effort, generate additional costs, jeopardize confidentiality, and make it possible to know the location and administration of the information. Kriptos algorithms provide a comprehensive X-ray of your company's IT assets, a fundamental tool for data protection and necessary to enrich your internal strategies.

If each document with sensitive information could be valued at $ 60, how much are your IT assets worth? Are you complying with the personal data protection regulations?

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