Beyond classification

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Data classification alone will not protect the data. There are therefore some who believes that data classification only serves as a complimentary tool to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the DLP solution. We will in this document take a look at how data classification relates to DLP and what additional benefits can be achieved from doing data classification. The document will be based on automatic data classification and not a manual data classification. The difference being that an automatic data classification can classify millions of documents with a consistent precision and update the classification when the document is changed. This allows for a completely different picture of the current risk compared to a one-time subjective manual classification that is maybe never revised.

Proyecto de Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales - Fabara Abogados

Data classification mainly serves as a useful complimentary tool to increaseeffectiveness and efficiency of the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system.

Learn more about how data classification will help you prevent data loss by downloading this document:

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