All the information of your company is sensitive: we show you why

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Currently, one of the aspects in which companies pay the most attention is their sensitive information and data, since in some cases they can be sensitive or confidential, thus becoming one of the most valuable assets of companies, which is why it is necessary to generate an optimal ai data classification that allows identifying the level of security that must be implemented to protect them.

What is sensitive information?

Sensitive information is all that, if it is altered, disclosed, or eliminated, is capable of causing damage to the organization that owns or owns it.

How can the loss of information affect a company?

Regardless of how the information has presented in mishaps, its loss, reproduction, alteration, or disclosure may cause economic and image costs for the company, impacting the economy and its reputation. In recent years, there have been cases where intentional information leaks, data leaks by employees, or cyber-attacks have been reported because they do not have a model that secures these assets and generates an effective big data classification.

Therefore, to prevent these cases from occurring, it is necessary to identify the importance of the sensitive security information and data that are hosted in the company, so that in this way it is easier to generate a solution that allows it to be adequately protected, so There are big data classification solutions with Artificial Intelligence that facilitate the process and make it more secure.

Cybersecurity in companies

Cybersecurity in the business sector is a challenging topic since cyber-attacks usually affect companies through different increasingly new and unrecognizable tactics, generating damage not only for the same company but also for its customers and people involved.

An essential aspect of "cybercrime" is the size of the companies because sometimes it is easier to attack medium and small companies since the largest have departments in charge of their cybersecurity and data classification. However, due to the growth and development of new platforms and tools, any business can expose its data regardless of its size.

"Through Data Analysis, Classification and Artificial Intelligence, companies are now able to know what information or data they need to protect so that their cybersecurity strategy can be executed correctly."

Why use Kriptos to protect your information?

Since the arrival of the Coronavirus, companies have had to organize and generate new work structures in which their collaborators can manage files, information, documents, and more, classified as sensitive or critical, from their homes, thus exposing companies.

At Kriptos, we offer AI Data Classification solutions to know what information is sensitive within your company to protect it. That is why we have obtained More than $ 1.8 million in capital from investors from Silicon Valley, Israel, Ecuador, and Latin America because our strategy is based on the current digital situation.

By obtaining Kriptos in your company, it is possible to have the possibility of analyzing and classifying your company's information in an orderly and secure way, in addition to taking initiatives and cybersecurity strategy projects that can help it in the future.

Learn about the solutions we offer for the security of your company here.

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