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Unless otherwise specified, Kriptos Inc is the corporate legal entity that publishes Kriptos.io and other related websites and services such as Kriptos, Kriptos Software and Kriptos Consulting. In this privacy policy, "We", "us" and "our" mean Kriptos.

Our servers and information where the user data is stored are in Amazon Web Services AWS, and operated by Amazon Inc., for which Kriptos is duly authorized.

By visiting our website and using our services, you agree to the collection and use of information as described in this privacy policy.

Your information

We take measures where possible to collect personal or other data in a limited manner. The following are the ways in which we can collect personal information:

1. The visit to our website. We keep a record of the activity that is carried out on our website, including a record of Internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) used by website visitors and account holders. We use this information to analyze market trends, gather demographic information, and to avoid abuse of our services.

2. Creation of an account. As part of the process of creating the account, your IP address will be registered. We may ask you to provide other information, such as a phone number. We use this information to analyze market trends, gather demographic information, and to avoid abuse of our services. We will not share this information with third parties, unless we have your authorization.

3. Make a purchase. When you make a purchase through the Kriptos web platform, we will be provided with the data we use to process your payment, such as your name, the account you are updating, the domain you wish to use for your email, email address alternative electronic, billing information, address and information of your credit card. In addition, we will register the IP address from which the payment is made. When your payment transaction is processed, this payment information will be transmitted to our payment processor. We use PCI compatible services to process your payment transaction. When processing your payment, we share your IP address, city, country and zip code with an anti-fraud institution to determine the likelihood that the purchase is not a fraudulent transaction. We do not store your credit card number on our servers.

4. Log in to your account and record your activity. When you connect to your account, either through the use of a web browser or with other software, we will record certain information about your activity. When performing actions such as reading, revocation of access or moving an email, they will also be stored. We record this information to help resolve customer inquiries or concerns, maintain services, and for the purpose of preventing abuse or any irregularity. Registration of information that may include your IP address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of the action, the user names of the account, the addresses of the sender and the recipient of the email, names of the attached files , e-mail message headers, URLs in unencrypted e-mail bodies, and any other information we deem necessary to register in order to maintain the system and prevent any abuse or irregularity.

5. Communication with us. When you communicate with us, you may provide us with personal information about you. Your communication with us can be retained in our system just as any conversation held over the phone can be recorded for purposes of improving the quality of our services.

How do we store your data?

1. When you subscribe to an account, you authorize your account and any other account data that is stored on the servers of Kriptos.

2. All servers used in connection with the provision of the service are connected to Amazon Web Services AWS operated by Kriptos Inc. Only employees of the company have physical or other access to the servers. The data is stored in encrypted format, always on our servers. Offline backups can be stored periodically, but these are also encrypted. We do not have the ability to access any content of the user's encrypted message on any of the game servers or backup copies.

How we use your data

1. We do not analyze the email in your account for the purpose of displaying advertising or promotion.

2. We never share your account information with any third party, except when it is strictly necessary for Kriptos to do so, in which case the user expresses his / her consent. We will never sell your account information under any circumstances.

3. We never share your email address with external mailing lists. We will never initiate contact with you unless the communication is related to the products or services, promotion or new products, or unless you have given your consent for such communication.

4. You have the option to report the email you receive as junk mail. If it does, it will transmit a copy of the message that is informing the provider of the software that we use on our servers to filter spam. Reporting email as spam improves the ability of the filter to detect spam.

5. When you have logged in to your account, Kriptos displays your recent sign-in activity that includes the time, date, approximate geographic location, and IP address of the ISP (Internet Server Provider) that you used to access the Internet. We do this to help you identify any unauthorized access to your account by a third party. The information we use to show this is obtained from our records; We do not track your real location.

6. We use third-party services for some parts of our website, such as our help system. By using these services your account name and your name will be part of this service. We also store sales information related to business-oriented services with third parties that support the sales process, which means that the information such as your name, email address, telephone number and company name, as well as the History of communications specifically related to the sales process, can be stored there.

How long do we keep your data?

The following is a description of our data retention policy and its relationship with your email and account information:

1. Your email will remain in your account as long as your account is active. If you delete an email, or all the content of your account, all of that information will be removed from your account at that moment immediately.

2. If you delete your account or request that we delete your account for you, your account will be removed from the encryption key access on our servers at the time of deletion. Deleting your account will not delete records of your activities.

3. Los registros que mantenemos de sus actividades se eliminan permanentemente después de aproximadamente 18 meses. Los registros que se almacenan con fines estadísticos pueden mantenerse indefinidamente.

4. We do not have backups of your information related to emails or otherwise. That is to say that if an email is deleted that information will not be backed up in our server or database.

5. Free accounts are deactivated if not used for a period of three years. Any encryption key in the account will be deleted approximately 12 months after the account has been deactivated. Accounts that have been created and never used can be deleted beforehand. You can reactivate your account, and regain access to your encrypted email messages any time within 12 months by purchasing a subscription.

For information on how you can close and delete your free account, please request to: cancelacion@kriptos.io

6. If you forget or suspend the payment subscription, then your account will be downgraded to the free account status for about a week after your subscription has expired and will then be subject to the data retention rules for the free accounts.

For information on how you can cancel your subscription and delete your account, please request to: cancelacion@kriptos.io

7. Customers can delete their accounts for their own rights by canceling the service provided. If the accounts have not been deleted once canceled, Kriptos has the right to eliminate the accounts within 3 weeks after the cancellation.

For information on how you can close and delete your services, please request to: cancelacion@kriptos.io

8. In case clients have not made the payment for the service received, their Premium accounts will be deactivated. Kriptos has the right to eliminate the accounts within a period of 6 months after not having canceled the Premium subscription without any claim.

9. Active accounts will have the data retained indefinitely.

The disclosure of the account data

Under normal circumstances, we do not and we will never disclose account information to anyone other than the account holder. We will always try to authenticate any request that requires the disclosure of the account data to ensure that they come from the account holder. If we are unable to authenticate a request correctly, we do not disclose the account information.

We will only disclose account information in the following circumstances:

1. If we receive an order required by the laws of a certain State or Country that requires us to disclose account data of a specific user and if Kriptos does not have access to the content of the email, therefore the user has the responsibility absolute access to any entity or organization that has requested such information. Because such orders in general that we are not allowed to disclose the existence of a user's order, we will not disclose to any user the existence or non-existence, of any order that may have been received.

2. When there are extreme circumstances, such as when the safety or well-being of an individual or individuals is in imminent danger, and we believe in good faith that disclosure of the data account is reasonably necessary to protect against such harm, we will disclose of the account, including its encryption keys. This may include, but is not limited to, the welfare of a child, or an act of terrorism.

3. The user agrees to use the Kriptos Software and the services in accordance with all applicable laws, including the local laws of the country or region in which he resides or in which the software and its services are downloaded and used. Software features and services may not be available in all languages ​​or regions, and some may vary by region. To use the functions of the software an internet connection is necessary.


We use cookies to manage the sessions, to remember your essential adjustments, and to help us better understand how people use our services. This helps us provide a better experience for the visitors of our website and for the people who use the service. In some cases where we use third-party services, such as our help system, you may also use cookies.

We do not include any personal data in cookies. We do not share cookie information with other websites, in any circumstance.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the third party services we use do not share information with third parties. You should, however, check this for yourself by reviewing the privacy policy of each site.

Most web browsers give you the ability to accept or reject the use of cookies through browser preferences. If you disable the use of cookies you will be able to browse our website. You, however, will not be able to log in to your account. If you have activated the option does not track your browser, you will still be able to access your account.

Communication by our

We can send emails regarding the creation and maintenance of your Kriptos account and with the information that may be useful in the use of the account. We will include instructions on how to stop receiving informational emails if you decide that you do not want to receive these types of emails in the future.


We do not use any third party advertising provider on our website.

Content analysis

We do not analyze your email for the purpose of generating advertisements, promotions or other types of advertising external to us. Our email spam filters analyze in order to avoid spam, viruses, and abuse.

Access to your personal data

We only collect the personal data of the users that is relevant for the aforementioned purposes. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data we collect is reliable, accurate and complete. The users have the possibility of accessing the personal data existing in the customer's register, accessing the billing section of our website. To request corrections or deletions of inaccurate data, you can contact us: https://www.kriptos.io/soporte_es

Temporary access to data from third-party services

There are some cases in which, due to malicious web traffic, you must temporarily use a third-party service to ensure that our services are still available to our users. During these times, your data will be subject to the policy of disclosure of the data of said service provider.

For more information, you can contact us: https://www.kriptos.io/soporte_es

These privacy policies will be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware and will be submitted to that jurisdiction.

Steady improvement

This privacy policy is constantly revised and may be modified and updated in the future. Your continued use of the Service will be considered an acceptance of those changes.

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